It’s not about You! It’s about your client!

by | May 30, 2020 | Uncategorised

As a therapist you care deeply about your clients. That’s exactly why you became a therapist and began working with clients. You firmly believe in the wellness of your clients and are passionate about helping them heal but let’s face it. You aren’t amazing at writing blogs and making a digital connection with your clients. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. No one can be good at everything but the tragedy of the modern world is that no matter how amazing you are at what you do, if you aren’t a super cool digital marketer then the world will never know what a great therapist you are.

But don’t worry. With a few tips and tricks, we will have you all set to writing content that will immediately connect with your clients.

Less You, More Them

You have worked so hard to become a therapist. You put in the hard work. You studied for endless hours. Therefore, when you sit down to write, the tendency is to write at length about all your accomplishments and how many degrees you have and what all you’ve done. I totally get it. You want to impress the client but let me tell you a little secret. It’s much better to connect with the client than to impress her or him. Write more about your client. Talk about how it feels to have panic attacks, go into depression, suffer from body image issues. Don’t mention your years of experience. Just make your visitor know that you are listening to them and can hear their anguish.

The Title Is Key

Attention span is one of the biggest issues nowadays. Readers just don’t spend that kind of time poring over paragraphs and waiting for the ah ha moment in the concluding paragraph. They want the information up, front and center. Keep the title succinct and brief but make it clear that instead of a listing of your achievements, you will be focusing on what the client needs. Make your title crisp and compelling. A good tip is to add a numerical like Five ways Anxiety can be managed or the Ten Signs to watch out for. Such titles immediately grab attention.

Dear Abby

There is a reason Dear Abby was so popular for so long. The column explained the problems of the everyday man and woman in the simplest and easiest manner possible. Abby would tell it straight and easy and readers lapped up her words and advise. Think of yourself a little bit as a modern version of Dear Abby when you are penning down your blogs. Keep the language crisp and succinct and conversational. It’s highly unlikely that your reader would be interested in the modern classifications of trauma or the stages of depression. But they will be interested in knowing what simple goal-setting strategies you recommend for someone struggling with this.

Humour is your best friend

The best part about humour is that it helps form an instant connection. The minute someone makes you laugh; you have formed a connection with them. The instant someone cracks a joke and you smile, boom that’s a bond. A giggle, a chuckle, a laugh. This is what will keep the reader glued to your blog and if he or she finishes your article, chances are that they will go on to google you and possibly make an appointment. Obviously, I am not suggesting that you throw in cheesy jokes or lame remarks. The decorum that comes with being a therapist always needs to be maintained but sometimes a lighter tone at the end or the very start will do the job.