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It’s probably harder to be a therapist than it is to be a health practitioner in many other fields. Take OBGYNs for example. The instant the pregnancy test comes positive, every woman rushes to the nearest doctor for her first antenatal. She doesn’t waste days pouring over reviews and going through blogs. It’s yippee I am pregnant and then off to the doctor for the first check-up. Or with an Emergency Medical Specialist, no one ever checks google ratings before heading into an emergency. It’s hi doctor and can you fix me doctor. But choosing a therapist is akin to selecting a life partner.

Most clients will go all nine yards before calling in to make an appointment. They will read all the reviews about you. Pour over your blog posts. Some over-analytical clients would even underline whatever is written about you as they decide on a therapist. Analyse your smiling picture. Watch your video on you tube and then decide if you can connect with them and be their therapist.

This is why it’s so essential for therapists to be all out there when it comes to their online presence. They need to be easily google-able, Instagram-able and search-able. One of the best resources to make use of online are psychologist directories.

Specialist Therapy Directories could possibly be the biggest benefit to you in terms of getting more eyeballs viewing your listing. These directories are a lot more than just a compilation of names, addresses and phone numbers. These are little SEO magic kingdoms which keep them at the very top of google searches.

So, if you are present on a directory in London and someone searches for Harley Street based therapists, you would be right up there. Or if a client in the UK types child therapist in the area, you would instantly show up because of the directory you happen to be in. These directories also spend marketing dollars in ensuring they come up first in searches. They splurge on ad spend so you don’t have to.

These are our top choices for directories we would definitely recommend you look into. Choose the one that suits you the most but our suggestion would be, you must choose one.

The British Psychological Society

This directory is one of the most prestigious in the UK since it’s spearheaded by the British Psychological Society, probably the most renowned and well-established body of psychologists in all of the United Kingdom. Being a part of this directory immediately lends authenticity to the profile of any therapist. The website is beautifully laid out and has loads of reading material, information on trending topics and guidelines which can keep the average browser busy for a while.

Counselling Directory

Launched in 2005, the Counselling Directory is a nicely laid out directory which can boast a data base of more than 10,000 mental health practitioners. This may be one of the most comprehensive and well reputed directories you can be a part off. The layout of the directory is clean and simple and besides the exhaustive listings, your potential clients will also gain access to loads of useful content on common mental health disorders, self-help techniques and how to live a healthier life.

Psychology Today

Psychology Today approaches the entire therapist directory concept slightly differently. Since Psychology Today is actually an award-winning magazine, the website is rather content heavy and potential clients are lured in by the articles. While they are reading about anxiety disorders or stress eating, they notice the search a therapist option and may start looking for one. While Psychology Today is extremely prestigious, since the site isn’t backed by a national or international body of practitioners it may not be as desirable for a therapist to be listed here as it would be to be listed on a society’s directory.

Psych Finder

This is the UK’s largest directory solely dedicated to providing a platform for psychologists. The good part about having a separate directory only for psychologists is that only clients specifically searching for a psychologist would be browsing through the website. The audience would be more specific and targeted. The drawback is that the overall traffic might be lower than what one might see on a website for general mental health professionals.

UK Therapy Hub

This directory is probably the most efficient one in the list since it allows quick and easy searches through postal codes. The downside is that the portal doesn’t allow direct conversations via the profiles of therapists and requires potential clients to email the practitioners they are interested in. This directory also facilitates the bookings of online therapy sessions which is a feature and others are still developing.