You’re the expert at creating a smile on faces through their mental illness and I’m the expert for creating a smile on your face through my web services. That makes us a match and smiles all around us.

Transfer your website to me

What are the benefits for me to move my website to you?

There can be a number of reasons why you’re looking for a new provider to take great care of your Psychologist website. That’s where I come in to supply you with a much better and approachable service.

Most Psychologists are very busy helping others and find it difficult to see to their website. That’s why I can GUARANTEE a stress free website transfer. You won’t even need to lift a finger, well that’s not quite true. All you would need to do is put me in contact with your current web provider and I’ll do the rest.

I really care about Psychologists; it motivates me to bring out the best in me to supply the best to you. AND THAT’S A FACT! You just concentrate on your clients and I’ll free up your time to bring my magical care to your website.

I am not a GODADDY company where I focus on numbers I’m a pretty boutique where I have manageable numbers to provide an unforgettable experience.

Reliable web hosting

I will host your website on my own web server which is based at a remarkable data centre in Manchester. If the data centre has a power cut the generators will kick in to keep your website running

Total website security

Your psychologist website will be kept safe from those horrid internet criminals. Every month I will keep your website files updated to the latest versions and back-up your website. I’ll closely monitor this every day for any suspicious files or naughty hackers. In the unfortunate event, your website does get hacked, you will not get charged for fixing it as the latest backup will be put back.

Receive an SSL

Your data from your contact forms will be submitted securely by using an SSL to transform your website from http://www to https://www.

You're our VIP

You will be classed as “very important” as you will always receive priority support. If you have any problems or you need help your case will be dealt with IMMEDIATELY.

What’s this great service going to cost me?


This package will only be a measly £1.16 a DAY. That’s cheaper than buying me a coffee every day! (Well it’s a bit less than £1.16 a day)

Can you afford not to have a safe and secure website?



per month

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I don’t want you to buy straight away I would personally like to get to know you first. Let’s schedule a call in to have a little chat. This way we can start to build a solid working relationship.

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